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What is “Excluded by ‘noindex’ Tag” in search console, impact & how to fix it

When Google Search Console reports that a page has been “Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag”, it means that the page has a “noindex” directive in its HTML code, which instructs search engines not to index the page in their search results.

The “noindex” directive is a meta tag that can be added to a webpage’s HTML code to tell search engines not to include that page in their search results. … Continue Reading...

What is “Alternate page with proper canonical tag” in Search Console & How to fix it

An alternate page with proper canonical tag refers to a specific technical implementation used in website development to indicate to search engines which version of a web page is the primary, or “canonical” version, when there are multiple versions of that page available.

For example, a website may have a desktop version of a page and a mobile version of the same page. In this case, the website can use … Continue Reading...

How to fix “Duplicate without user-selected canonical” in Search Console

“Duplicate without user-selected canonical” is an error message in Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools) that indicates that Google has found multiple versions of a page on your website and is unable to determine the preferred (canonical) version.

The canonical version of a page is the one that you want to be the authoritative version of search engines. Having multiple versions of the same page can lead … Continue Reading...